Year 888 Profits Soar, Will Pay Dividend for Fifth Consecutive

Year 888 Profits Soar, Will Pay Dividend for Fifth Consecutive

It is a good time to be a shareholder of 888 Holdings once the company announced Wednesday profits jumped 82 % and additionally they will yet once more be paying a dividend.

888 Holdings leader Itai Frieberger made the statement that the business was paying investors a dividend for the 5th consecutive year.

The stock rose seven per cent in the London Exchange and reached an 11-year high.

Experts are really bullish on the company. Investec analysts rated the stock a purchase.

‘Given 888’s size and technology that is superior, aswell as its growing Sport item vertical, we respect 888 as either a consolidator or key potential take-out target,’ the business wrote in an email.

Dividends Including Up

It’s the fifth consecutive year investors will see a return from the company. They’re recommending a dividend that is final of cents per share along side one more one-off 10.5 cents per share for 2016.

‘there’s no true point sitting on the cash,’ leader Itai Frieberger told Bloomberg Information. ‘If we do, we do not get any value on that. We are relatively small and we’ve enough to do what we want to do.’

The payout was made possible by the strong performance of the sportsbetting and casino divisions.

Stumbles Not Falls

There have been a few hiccups year that is last although not enough to affect general performance of the online gaming group.

In August a deal to acquire William Hill was rejected for being substantially too More →