All About Repaying your education loan from abroad

All About Repaying your education loan from abroad

You might have to grips along with your education loan repayments into the UK, but what takes place if you move abroad? Do not bury the head into the sand, get clued up with your complete guide.

It is probably the most commonly expected questions about student education loans in britain – must you repay your loan in the event that you move abroad?

The bottom line is, yes you do – however your repayments will not be automatic, and you will need certainly to put in the legwork so that you do not get stung with charges (or worse) later.

It could be a little bit of a hassle to sort out therefore we have slice the jargon and gathered the known facts for you.

What’s on these pages?

What goes on to your education loan once you move abroad?

If you are going overseas for extended than 3 months then you definitely require to make contact with the Student Loans Company (SLC) to sort down your education loan repayments.

As long as you’re located in the UK, you do not need to consider carefully your Student Loan repayments, as HMRC takes the cash automatically from your own paycheck every month if your wanting to also see it – and provides it right to the SLC. More →