THC and CBD oil

THC and CBD oil

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THC and CBD oil

Im yes this is simply not a brand new concern asked, nevertheless after some unwelcome news a week ago We understand wish to research all avenues.

My mum had been clinically determined to have phase 4 lung cancer tumors in Aug final year(2018)

after radiotherapy and chemo we ended up being encouraged in December the results looked to had being positive and worked because they might have hoped, unfortuitously we had been then encouraged the other day the cancer tumors had spread to the left lung, Kidney and adrenal gland. The only thing we can realize at this time is the cancer just isn’t curable and awai what treatment would be next. We’ve no right time scale etc as I’m certain is understandable had been a bit of a surprise.

anyway We have a contact whom suggested the THC therapy that is apparently which may have actually great results, if any you can shed any light/ experience i this that might be great.

Thanks ahead of time

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THC and CBD oil

Sorry to read regarding your Mum.

You will be able to read umpteen threads on the subject if you type CBD or THC into the “Search Forum” engine in blue next to the “Post to forum” link.

Remember THC is a unlawful substance in great britain.

Any such thing compiled by Rick Simpson, his followers along with his imitators is suspect. Many people are making millions offering hope that is false on fake science to desperate people. This business place it much better than I ever could

Viewpoint might seem split online but I’ve yet to see any peer-reviewed research that is objective supports the idea that cannabis remedies cancer.

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THC and CBD oil

Im sorry regarding the mum too. I am therefore happy Dave responded to your post, We saw it and I also had been a bit stuck. More →