It’s Really A Small World In The End. Have actually you ever wondered

 It’s Really A Small World In The End. Have actually you ever wondered if the email you addressed to Rice but delivered to USC traveled between the two schools? Did your high school therapist really used to sit close to your admission counselor at your dream college? Are they really still buddies? Just How did the YouTube video clip you made for the senior high school available house make it to the admission counselor who is interviewing you? Do counselors who just work at rival schools go out!?

Degree is a tiny world. This image, from left to right, is Joel Hart (Pomona university), Meredith Britt ( brand New Jewish Community High class) and I also at the 2013 WACAC Conference. Joel, Meredith and I all went to Vanderbilt even though we overlapped here, both as pupils and within the admission office, we never knew each other until we connected at your workplace (Meredith and I worked at USC together) and at WACAC. If you are like most of my friends, you’re chuckling while you say WACAC aloud. WACAC is short for Western Association of university Admission Counselors and is a regional element of the nationwide Association of College Admission Counselors (NACAC) this is the overarching professional organization for advanced schooling specialists. Every summer time, the various regional organizations meet for the three day seminar on issues dealing with our occupation and how we can increase the work we do (while using name that is snazzy). Into the fall, NACAC has their conference which brings attendees from all throughout the world! This is certainly just one of these of this development that is professional ongoing training we undertake as brand new dilemmas in university and admission guidance emerge and trends modification.

Admission counselors also make connections by befriending other admission counselors within the geographical territories where we recruit. We bump into one another at university fairs, highschool visits as well as restaurants year after year as we all travel comparable circuits. We exchange tales from the trail but in addition have significant conversations on how to enhance the quality of our work, better manage our workload and yes, speak about students. I became as soon as speaking about an essay that had offended me by having a colleague from another institution in which he instantly remembered reading the very same essay. Since I’ve recruited in identical section of Texas for four years, I have also founded relationships with the school that is high at the schools I visit. We’ll touch base about certain pupils, both the good and also the bad, basic trends that people’ve noticed and simply random things that pop up. When we come back to a senior high school one of my personal favorite things is always to ask a therapist exactly how their students at USC are doing!

Networking, speaking every single other, learning from peers, and relationships that are building section of just what helps move our profession forward. We all want the same thing: to help students get to and succeed in college although we work for different institutions and in different capacities. Building relationships that are trusting high college counselors makes it easier to generally share information and have now truthful conversations through the entire admission cycle. Those same relationships with our peers make planning travel period a bit easier, reading thousands of files more bearable and smiling until your cheeks hurt during spring activities never as tiring because you have other folks you can speak with about it all. We may all do things a bit that is little, but we are definitely all within the company of greater education together.

Relax, It’s Summertime!

6:00am alarm. Shower. Eat morning meal. Pack lunch. Race out the hinged home to get the Expo line. Get to USC. Answer to emails. Review applications. Provide a presentation. Meet with Admission Committee. Read more files. Pay attention to voicemails. Reply to more email messages. Catch the train house. Mind for a run. Shower. Crash in my bed.

Kids have actually a similar hectic routine through the educational 12 months. But replace review applications with attend class. And you are practicing a hobby or prepping a debate alternatively of attending an Admission Committee conference. I know that the school is busy, which is why it is important to take some time to relax year.

As admission professionals, it is our job to evaluate and evaluate accomplishment and accomplishment, but we additionally comprehend the importance of pausing, slowing a bit, and recognizing the things in our life that do make us delighted. We know you work faithfully in school, so find time this summer to unwind, relax, and get a breath (or 100) of fresh air. You should use this downtime to participate in activities that need more time because summer time is whenever you are going to have significantly more spare time.

Stress is really what motivates us doing well learn hard, practice that solamente, invest extra hours on the field, but it can frequently wear us down. Summer is really a time that is perfect relieve that with good book, a walk around the area, or hanging with a few family or friends that you do not see often. Are there things in your daily life you want you had more time to do Do it! Discover ways to sew or cook, visit that national park on your bucket list, enhance your tennis game, create a slip ‘n slip. No better time than now!

My favorite time of the year is summer time. I utilize my barbeque more often, devote some time to watch the sunset into the night, bicycle towards the beach with friends ( see the photo!), and travel to fun locations. Ensure you see time yourself come july 1st. You will end up delighted you did!

Starting in 5,6,7,8…

Things are going and shaking at USC. No, I’m maybe not speaking about me listening to Britney Spears. USC’s Glorya Kaufman School of Dance is gearing up for a spectacular launch. It’s the first school that is new be opened at USC in 40 years! I had the pleasure of talking with Anne Aubert-Santelli during the Kaufman School of Dance and she provided me with the low down in what is going in during the latest dance school on the market.

Starting in the fall of 2015, the set that is first of is going to be enrolled into the Kaufman School. These Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance students is going to be an an element of the brand new motion of dance and training. Students are enrolled in courses that will not merely enable them to dance up to 5 hours every day but they will additionally be learning theory that is critical the art type. Anne explains exactly how this school will allow ‘dancers to be seen and heard’ through various opportunities to convey themselves through party also have meaningful interactions that are academic. Dancers would be able to take master classes with notable teachers aswell as courses on the best way to dancing for digital camera and movie and exactly how to market themselves within the chronilogical age of social media marketing. That means you can be doing pirouettes with that choreographer that you have constantly admired and understanding how your presence that is online will you #booked!

In April, USC’s latest school broke ground on the internet site where the new building will stay. Until that building is ready in Fall 2015, the existing staff has some short-term digs on campus where they make most of the happen that is magic. That includes plans for the learning that is actual, creating coursework, creating partnerships in the dance/entertainment world, the list goes in. I’m hoping they could squeeze in certain right time and energy to work with their moves. It takes lot of work behind scenes to get this school from the ground. It is no different than the chaotic moments backstage all resulting in a grand performance that shows the wonder of working together.