Las Vegas Sands NFL Stadium Bid Gathers Steam

Las Veg<span id="more-6755"></span>as Sands NFL Stadium Bid Gathers Steam

Sheldon Adelson (right) with Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis. LVS wants to bring NFL to vegas with a $1.2 billion stadium.

The Las Vegas Sands’ bid to woo a major activities team to Las Vegas with a proposed $1.2 billion stadium may only be a couple of weeks old, but it is already gathering momentum.

In accordance with the Las Vegas Review-Journal (LVRJ), Ed Roski, who has the Majestic Reality Company which has partnered with LVS on the project, met with Nevada’s top financial development official to talk about the stadium this week. Steve Hill is chairman of the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee, a physical body, by all reports, with the energy to approve $1.2 billion stadiums.

Hill’s committee will formally hear the proposal next month, on March 24th, and can issue a recommendation by July 31st.

LVS wants to build the 65,000-seat stadium on a UNLV-owned 42-acre plot north of McCarran airport terminal. The college recently purchased the land for $50 million, and the arena would become the home associated with UNLV university football team.

No NFL Prohibition on Las Vegas

LVS is hoping that it will also get to be the home for the Oakland Raiders, a group searching for a stadium. The Raiders’ rent expires in the Oco Coliseum in Oakland month that is next. LVS Chairman Sheldon Adelson met Raiders owner Mark Davis recently to talk about the possibility.

Soon club player casino after that conference, a memo was circulated by the NFL to its franchisees instructing them on how they should answer press inquiries about Adelson’s approach.

According to the memo, the official line is the fact that ‘there is not any prohibition under league rules on a group moving to any particular city,’ suggesting that the presence of appropriate sports gambling in Nevada would not influence Las Vegas’ chances into the light of the league’s strict anti-gambling stance.

While many Sin City residents would welcome the idea of a major sports team making the city its home for the time that is first numerous are less excited about making use of public cash to fund such a task.

Public Money Would Provide Almost All Funding

And while Adelson insisted that he’d place up the ‘lion’s share’ associated with the costs, on closer inspection, this doesn’t be seemingly the situation. a initial financing plan calls for $780 million in public money, while LVS will pony up $420 million, even though this plan isn’t final, says LVS.

Things seem to be moving quickly. LVS Senior Vice President of Government Relations Andy Abboud told the Review-Journal week that is last the company would be ‘moving forward with the stadium concept with or without an NFL team,’ but he might be getting in front of himself.

Irrespective any backlash that is public the funding derivation, UNLV Regent Michael Wixom told the LVRJ that the arena still has to be approved by the university board.

‘While a stadium was discussed by some at the time being a use that is possible the property, the board has not approved any stadium plans. Neither is there any agreement with any ongoing party for the construction or development of a stadium,’ he said.

New Hampshire Voters Choose Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in First-in-the-Nation Primary

Bernie Sanders, right, and Donald Trump are making New England on the top of their respective primaries after New Hampshire voters heavily favored the Democrat and Republican 2016 contenders that are presidential. (Image: Joe Raedle/Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Graphics)

New Hampshire voters spoke noisy and clear on Tuesday with America’s very first primary that is presidential of 2016 cycle. Just What they said is the fact that they truly aren’t looking for a conventional candidate to be their next president, regardless of party.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, and Republican billionaire businessman Donald Trump, each won their respective primaries with decisive wins.

Sanders received 60 percent of the Democratic vote to Hillary Clinton’s 38.3 %, while Trump pounced his challengers with 35.2 per cent to Ohio Governor John Kasich’s 15.8, Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s 11.7, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s 11.1 per cent.

It had been a dominating evening for Sanders and Trump, and both needed the landslide victories to retain their momentum as they now head to sc and Nevada.

‘ We are going to make America great again!’ Trump declared uttering his campaign motto.

‘Tonight, with exactly what appears to be a voter that is record-breaking, because of a huge voter turnout, and I state huge, we won,’ Sanders said, mimicking the way Trump says ‘huge.’

Billionaire Battle

Clinton wasted almost no time in releasing a declaration on Tuesday night that said her campaign is looking forward to March, where states with a more minority-centered demographic will engage. She additionally admitted she needs to complete more to connect with younger voters, as Sanders, whom ironically is the oldest candidate running in either party at 74, is dominating the youth vote. Clinton is 68.

Sanders’ rising popularity could entice billionaire Michael Bloomberg to enter the race. The New that is former York mayor has expressed desire for running and recently revealed he’s monitoring main results. Bloomberg, worth a reported $39 billion, may likely run being an separate.

Many governmental pundits believe Clinton can be an candidate that is at-risk days, due to her ongoing email scandal. Sanders continues to be perceived being a long shot in the general election, due to his socialist political views. That’s why continued strong results from Sanders are most likely the key to Bloomberg throwing his name in to the ring.

With Trump’s national popularity and stable polling figures, a billionaire vs. billionaire 2016 presidential showdown would undoubtedly make for an interesting election.

Prospect Casino

If gambling is an issue that is important determining which candidate will get your vote, here’s a rundown on the key contenders for 2016.


Hillary Clinton: The Secretary that is former of has been mixed on video gaming. She publicly opposed casino development during her husband’s governorship in Arkansas back in 1984, and then supported growth that is such a senator in brand New York. Clinton also voted in favor of the Internet that is unlawful Gambling Act (UIGEA) in 2006, the bill that outlawed the transmission of money online for gambling purposes.

Bernie Sanders: The Vermont politician hasn’t revealed much on their gambling place, though he too voted in support of UIGEA.


Donald Trump: Trump was once in the casino business in Atlantic City with several properties, but bailed out of it before the nj-new Jersey gaming city began to sink financially. He’s verbally pro gaming, both land-based and online, but as he is never held a governmental office, he does not have a voting record.

Marco Rubio: The Florida Senator is championing the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) in Congress this the bill that would effectively block all forms of gambling online, and it’s rumored that he may have Sheldon Adelson’s support, although that’s still undeclared year.

Ted Cruz: The Texas senator’s main focus is working against congressional ‘cronyism,’ plus the evangelist conservative would oppose bills like likely RAWA that extend the scope of federal government.

DraftKings Enters UK Market, Secures EPL Team Sponsorship

Arsenal’s Chief Commercial Officer, Vinai Venkatesham (left) with DraftKings’ Chief Executive Officer, Jason Robins, on the announcement regarding the commercial sponsorship contract between the two brands. (Image:

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) operator DraftKings rolled out its much-anticipated UK operations this week, initial stage of a expansion plan which will see the Boston-based move that is start-up selected markets in Europe, Asia, and Latin America in 2016.

The move occurs the heels of months of controversy in the US, with state attorneys general and legislatures battling it out for or against DFS.

The daily fantasy sports market leader was able to raise almost $300 million to help finance its international ambitions, $150 million of which came from Fox Sports for an 11 percent stake in the company in July of last year.

The UK platform is now real time, with players free to compete in 11 sport that is different, including American recreations leagues like the NFL and NBA. However, DraftKings states it’s only too aware that Premiere League soccer is the draw that is primary.

Arsenal, Liverpool, Watford Sponsorship

As such, it has widened the range of its soccer product for the united kingdom market, broadening the scoring range to incorporate 18 different in-game occasions, rather than the somewhat limited ‘goals,’ ‘saves’ and ‘assists’ categories of its past providing.

DraftKings also announced that it had secured commercial partnership with three Premier League clubs, in Arsenal, Liverpool and Watford, that may start to see the business brand presence throughout the lands during domestic events. DraftKings will also be promoted through each one of the groups’ digital and media channels that are social.

‘We’re under no impression that our top three recreations here defintely won’t be anything else than football, football and football,’ said Jeffrey Haas, an online gambling industry veteran, previously of PokerStars and, who has been brought in to oversee the expansion. Haas called the British ‘a logical fit’ for DraftKings.

American ex-pats might be confused if they play on DraftKings across the pond, because what’s called ‘soccer’ on US soil is referred to as ‘football’ in England.

Troubles at Home

DraftKings announced it had received a license to run in August 2015. Since then, times were trying for the business in the usa, as a lawsuit launched by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman seeks to shut down its operations in the Empire State, its biggest market.

The organization had planned to introduce in December of this past year, but domestic turmoil in New York along with other states postponed the move, once the company’s appropriate troubles mounted.

The company applied for a gambling license just like any other operator while in New York, DraftKings’ lawyers argue that its contests should be exempted from state gambling laws on the grounds that they are skill-based and not gambling games, in the UK.

This may be seized upon by opponents of DFS being an admission by the industry that the games are as gambling that is much activities gambling is, but it addittionally suggests a willingness of this largely self-regulated industry to embrace regulatory oversight where such oversight exists.